Who We Are

The Southern Normativity Group (SoNG) is composed of philosophers in southern UK working on questions about normativity. See below for a list of current members, as well as links to their web sites.

If you are interested in learning more about the SoNG’s activities, please contact Anthony Booth.

University of Bristol
Greg Gandenberger
Richard Pettigrew
Patricia Rich

Cardiff University
Clea Rees
Simon Robertson
Nicholas Shackel
Alessandra Tanesini
Jon Webber

University of Kent
Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij
Graeme Forbes
Simon Kirchin
Lubomira Radoilska

University of Reading
Brad Hooker

University of Southampton
Alex Gregory
Conor McHugh
Jonathan Way
Daniel Whiting
Fiona Woollard

University of Sussex
Corine Besson
Anthony Booth
Katerina Deligiorgi
Michael Morris
Sarah Sawyer
Kathleen Stock

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