What We Do

The Southern Normativity Group (SoNG) aims to facilitate and promote research collaborations between philosophy departments that work on normativity in Southern UK, but don’t benefit from already established networks.

The SoNG promotes normativity research through our annual normativity conferences. SoNG 2014 took place at Kent and SoNG 2015 at Cardiff. SoNG 2016 is scheduled to take place at Sussex.

Additionally, the SoNG conducts normativity research through individual as well as joint scholarship. Here are some questions that current SoNG members are working on at the moment:

  • What is the aim of belief?
  • What are the goals that define the epistemic point of view?
  • Is it at all appropriate to understand the epistemic point of view in terms of goals, or should we be non-consequentialists about epistemic normativity?
  • Are there epistemic facts, analogous to what the moral realist thinks of as moral facts?
  • What are the prospects for epistemic expressivism?
  • What is the relationship, and difference, between evaluation and normativity?
  • What can we discern about the nature of normativity from its role or application in different domains, domains such as ethics, epistemology and aesthetics?
  • What is the relationship between normativity and action?
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